3 simple outfits for the summer

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cute and dressy

When I was in Europe, most of the boutiques and stores were stocked with a straw boho theme for the current spring and summer collections. This trend isn’t completely new, but has really gained a lot of popularity recently! After coming home from Europe and having bought new pieces with this chic + boho theme - I fell in love. I love this type of style because it’s chic, lightweight, and trendy - especially if you are in a summer internship! This outfit is one of the three that I want to share that are cute, not too expensive, and can be really versatile for the summer! The dress is from an unknown boutique and so is the key chain - I will link similar items for those below!


Comfy and casual

Alright, this is the second outfit that I really love for the summer. It’s really lightweight, flowy, and urban style - exactly what I have been going for this season.I have gotten so many compliments on my pants (which I got at an H&M while I was in Italy). Everyone has been wondering where I bought them - unfortunately I have looked everywhere online for the same exact pair and I can’t find them anywhere. Good news is that I found a couple different pairs of similar pants that will work just fine for the outfit - I linked both pairs of pants that I found below. The other part of the outfit is the shirt and the hat - I love having a black hat because when you’re having a bad hair day, throwing on a hat makes you look comfortable, together, and cute! A black hat is an essential staple for any wardrobe. I linked mine below from Brixton (my favorite place to get good quality hats)! Cheers and enjoy one of my top picks for the summer season - it’s seriously one of my favorite outfits.


Trendy and fun

I chose this outfit because it’s fun and flirty - it could be worn in the office (depending on where you work), grabbing coffee, or just going out to lunch or dinner. Plaid is also super trendy right now and makes it perfect for summer. The ribbed shirt and pants are from OVS, an Italian company only located in Europe (sorry about that, totally thought OVS was a US brand too - oops) , but the good news is that I linked very similar pieces that have the same type of energy and vibe! The platform sandals come in 3 colors which is nice so if you want to change up the outfit a bit - maybe with a little more color - totally doable! The glasses I bought at a street market in Italy as well (annoying I know - sorry again lol) but Forever 21 has some similar styles for a cheap price if you want to just spice up a summer outfit a bit! You could also go with a pair of classic Raybans too!


I hope you liked the outfits - the feel and vibe is just what I was trying to accomplish for this summer. I hope this helps and I hope that you find some good pieces to complete your summer looks! If you liked this post, please leave a comment, come say hi in my Instagram DM’s, and follow the blog for upcoming fashion posts with styling tips, outfits, and trends! Thanks for all the support - until next time! XOXO