Going To Milan? Let Me Be Your Tour Guide

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Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch Locations

California Bakery: An American breakfast and brunch location. Don’t go for brunch unless you will be charged 8 euro for the brunch surcharge.

Case Tapioca: If you’re like me and want something other than sweets all the time for breakfast, this place is perfect. They sell smoothies, smoothie bowls, juices, and other yummy things like panini, salads, and Italian style wraps. There are vegan and vegetarian options for those out there!

Vanilla Bakery: If you’re like me, I love a good food location that also has a good photo opportunity especially when traveling! Vanilla Bakery has really good pancakes and cute desserts - the perfect brunch location. Did I mention most of everything in this bakery is pink and girly? Some may think it’s over the top, but I love it!

Panini Durini Milano: the best place for quality, but cheap panini’s and salads.When I lived in Milan, I literally went here all the time! My favorite thing on the menu is is #28 with feta cheese, pesto, lettuce, and ham - so yummy!


Cafés, Coffee, and Snacks Spots

Mocha Café: This place is the perfect “instagrammable” location with a pink girly aesthetic - they have really good coffee as well as a little bakery with cute desserts if you’re in the mood!

Marchesi 1824: The location that I am in love with and am referring to here is above the Galleria! There are two locations, but this one is better in my opinion. it is SO cute. It’s usually packed so make a reservation if you can. A lot of the Italian bloggers go here too like Chiara Ferragni - the aesthetic is beautiful because there are simple green walls with gold accents. Be sure to look carefully when going to the location in the Galleria because it is slightly hidden!

Starbucks Reserve Milano Roastery: the first Starbucks in Italy located in Milan. Now if you’re anything like me, don’t go expecting it to be like the American starbucks because it isn’t, but this is what makes it so unique! The hazelnut iced coffee was really amazing.

Rosa&Co: This place has fun smoothies, desserts, and drinks. The inside is the most Instagramable place you have ever seen with pink everything, neon lights, cute teddy bears, and the coolest places to sit.

Armani Café: This is located in the fashion district of Milan - expensive, but well worth the experience! They also have a spa that you can pay for the day to enter - I didn’t try the spa, but I heard from word-of-mouth how great it was!

Moleskine Café: For me, it was always so hard to find a good coffee shop with good wifi and good food. It was also in my one of my favorite areas of Milan called Brera!

Coffice: This place has good food, good service, and good wifi too! This was less busy than Moleskine Cafe and a little bit closer to where I lived too! If I had a lot to do, I would go here and really get stuff done. OH, and they had the best avocado toast and salmon bagel sandwich for a good price1

Crumb: Your typical local coffee shop with wifi - my everyday go-to place behind my apartment. Salmon avocado salad, the chocolate cheesecake muffins, and the Nutella croissants - everything. The woman that worked there would start making my coffee every time I walked in without me asking because I became a “regular” - such a cute whole in the wall especially if you live close or are studying abroad as a student!

Luini: basically the best version of an Italian hot pocket - it’s located right in the heart of the city by the duomo and serves as such a good snack if you’re walking around in the area!

Chocolate Italiani: MY favorite gelato place - this place is always so packed because it’s so popular in Milan. why is it popular? because it’s the best gelato you’ll ever taste, seriously. PS the ice cream is good gelato if it’s down in the canister which is always such a rule of thumb when going to get gelato! My favorite combo is mango , strawberry, and coconut - super yummy and fruity!

Ammu: really good Sicilian cannoli - a little out of the city, but so good if you like sweets!

12 Oz: This place is really good to go to if you are looking for a big American coffee since Italy only serves it small. It’s good if you’re missing American Starbucks like me when I was gone for 5 months - just a small treat that I liked to get every-so-often!


Spritz: I can’t tell you how many times I went to this apertivo location during my time in Milan - a really good mixture of dinner food, finger food, and desserts right on the canal in Navigli.

Yguana: A Cuban Italian fusion apertivo. The inside has such a cool ambiance. Also, my favorite drink to order is the large size of the Pina Colada. Yguana is known for the huge drinks that are literally so good with so many options! Definitely a go-to spot. Be sure to order the large version that way you’ll get the large cup and straw!

Chinese Box: A hot spot in Milan with the famous the Gucci Wall that you may have seen on Instagram! There is not a lot of seating inside and is mainly all outside with can be really enjoyable on a warm summer night in Milan!

Dinner Spots

Mi Scusi: When I went here, the service was so good and they were so kind. This place is a little more modern and not family-owned which is totally okay! You can totally customize your pasta with different types, sauces, and ways to cook. I really liked this place because it was still really yummy for a good price - it was also easy to go here with a bunch of friends if you were more in a hurry!

Kazan Japanese: The best all you can eat sushi in Milan. There are many locations, but after trying quite a few, I enjoyed Kazan the most. Some of the sushi dishes depending on what you order comes with different flowers on the dish - super cool aspect to the food choice!

Temankinho: Via Porta Ticinese location is the best - super cute and even better food. Check online because sometimes they have live music nights held in the basements of this location. The ceviche is a must try for sure and the Brazilian sushi was phenomenal with they’re house beer.

Da Franco: This is a family owned restaurant with authentic Italian. The service was great and the Gnocchi is a must-try - it literally melts in your mouth.

God Save The Food: for lunch or dinner

Sapuri: This hole-the-wall was right around the corner from my apartment. It was so good and easy to grab whenever I was in a hurry. I would always get the Diavola, which was spicy salami, cheese, and margarita with the stuffed ricotta crust. The stuffed crust was about 1.5 euro extra.


Alcatraz: the coolest experience - this place is such a huge club. some perks: they have a coat check and cover is 10 euro that includes two drink tickets! When I say this place was huge, it was massive! They even have a stage for performances in in the front. If you go to Milan and want a good spot for nightlife - this is the place to be.

Old Fashion: Thursday night you can get in for 1 euro before midnight - a younger crowd and a lot of Americans would always be here. I personally really liked the vibe even though it was a little smaller, but more intimate.

Dirty Monday’s Milano: Monday nights are the time to go. It’s super fun and just overall such a great experience. This place is located right outside the duomo which I loved because I would always find myself just in awe while I was enjoying my night. Sometimes they do raffles too in which you can win free stuff!  

Tocqueville: A bit pricier since it is located near the fashion district, but also this place is so worth it! The cover charge was 1 euro if you were invited and put on a list with others - this can be done online before you head out for the night. Be sure to bring cash for the cover amount.


Ceresio 7: This is a rooftop bar that overlooks Milan - the view is just so stunning. This is definitely not a club and is a very nice location - definitely dress up if you go here! But 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Tutti Fritti: your 2am drunk hang-out spot to wrap up the night with the best french fries in Milan - it has a cool ambiance with a grunge feel with neon lights, stickers everywhere, and a walk-up bar and menu. This place is cheaper than most places I found while in Milan which is always a plus if you’re traveling on a budget.

La Fontanella: This place is by far the best experience especially if you go with a large group!. If you want one of the coolest presentations of your beer, get a group of like 8-10 people! If you go with less it can get pricey depending on the presentation that you wanted - they have smaller presentations, but it can be too much especially if you’re not super into beer. Lastly, get the 10% beer and have a really crazy night! I promise it’s worth it the wait and money.

Duomo 21: This place is right above the Duomo. The terrace of this aperitif location and bar overlooks the Duomo at night. It’s gorgeous! Good drinks and definitely a place that is top 10 on places to go if you are in Milan for a quick visit.

Nottingham Forest: really fun drinks that have different themes and usually souvenirs you can take home. It’s really small and REALLY busy. Happy Hour is from 6-9pm so make sure to get there at like 7pm or earlier because there’s always a ton of people waiting outside to get in.


Places and Things To Do 

Eataly: basically like a grocery store, but on a whole other level - there’s 4 different levels of with all different kinds of pasta, a restaurant, fresh meat, cheese, wine, and place to even have cooking classes on the top floor!

Armani Silos: the Armani museum housed with some of the most beautiful pieces made from Armani. The museum houses collections of dresses from his earliest creations with dresses from the Grammy’s and the Oscars.  There is also a café at the back of museum - it’s super cute where you can get a coffee or lunch on your way in or out!

Fondazione Prada: the Prada museum which doesn’t have much to do with Prada, but it’s a really cool experience with art from all over Milan by various artists. If you see pictures of people under upside down mushrooms, this is where that was taken. Super cute and super fun to go to if you have extra time! Be sure to grab an aperol spritz at the cafe too!

The Flamingos: there is a mansion in Milan that the owners own flamingos just hanging out in their backyard. This is actually super cool that not a ton of people know about it - just google “pink flamingoes in Milan” and it should you give you a google maps location. It’s located in the garden of Villa Invernizzi.

The Last Supper: book your tickets NOW or else you won’t get to go. Hell, I didn’t even get to go so make sure you book them! It’s located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie on the outskirts of town.

Arco Della Pace: The arc by del Parco Sempione - such a fun place to go and get some cool pictures when the sun is setting!

Sempione Park: One of my favorite places to just go and read while I was in Milan. Don’t forget your bottle of wine, nice book, and the sunset for your first time. Be sure to keep a close-eye on all your belongings as I have had a friend get pick-pocketed here - it sure it beautiful, but

QC Terme Milano: a spa that will change your life! the perks: aperitivo, bottomless drinks, and over 6 hours of the spa for 44 euro during the week days and 48 euro on the weekend. You can book this online ahead of time which I suggest doing before they sell out on the day that you are planning!

Milan Stock Exchange: the middle finger statue that everyone gets pictures by - it’s a fun memory and picture to have in your camera roll. It is located about a 10-15 minute walk from the duomo, so be sure to check it out.

Castello Sforzesco: you can see the museum portion for 3-5 euro if you have a student ID; I used my Italian student ID, but for regular admission I believe it was around 10 euro. This castle is beautiful to walk through and definitely one of the top ten places I would go to especially if you were visiting Milan for short time. You can usually stop by the foundation, walk the grounds of the castle, tour the museum, walk through Parco Sempione, and finish at the Arco Della Pace in one day.

Civic Aquarium of Milan: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to, but I heard it’s really cool to see. Along with all other museums on Sunday’s, the aquarium is free and open to the public. Be sure to get there as soon as they open to get in line for free.

Duomo di Milano: you can pay 14 euro online to get tickets for the terrace by walking or you can book the same ticket for the lift that will cost 17 euro! I loved doing this because you can see all of Milan. If you want to get really cool pictures, wake up early at like 5 or 6am to go to the Duomo when there is no one around. The ticket also includes going inside the church sanctuary - the stained glass and indoor architecture is magnificent.

The Galleria: This is a definite must go to while in Milan. It’s stunning. Also, the myth is that if you step on the bulls balls with your heel, it will bring you good luck. If you go to the center of the galleria, you will see EVERYONE doing this and taking pictures and videos. Sound really funny and is a fun touristy thing to do.

Museo Del Novecento: a super cool view with some cool art overlooking the Duomo - there is a beautiful picture window that people stand in and take pictures that is such a good token of a memory for visiting.

AC Milano: the famous soccer team that everyone goes to see! Go online to get tickets. Tickets are around 20 euro and it’s a really cool experience to get the culture of Milan and the true Italian love for soccer.



Via Torino: a shopping street for everything - you can find Carpisa, restaurants, Zara, H&M, gelato, and more! Be sure to check this out as it is on the way to the duomo if you are going in that same direction.

Via Montenapoleone: this is the fashion district and one of the most famous streets in Milan. It houses all the luxury brands and their flagship stores on this street. I bought my first designer purchase here - my Gucci belt when I was here. Keep in mind, if it’s an Italian brand like Gucci, things will be a lot less expensive than in the states since they aren’t imported - you will get a tax refund. The store will walk you through the process. If you don’t buy anything, it’s totally okay! It’s still such a cool experience.

The East Market: This market happens only one of month, BUT you have to go. It is all vintage clothing, luxury items, and anything that could be thrifted. It is mostly local vendors which I loved. It’s huge with warehouse rooms full of stuff - get a beer and shop around. Be sure to look on their website or google to see when the next date for the month is. It is usually every third Sunday of the month. Oh, and be prepared to make the trek to get here especially if you are taking public transportation as it takes a little while to get there since it’s on the suburbs of the city.

The Outlet: You will have to google this to get the exact location. I heard of this outlet mall at the end of my program and was out of money at that point, BUT you should totally go! It’s an outlet for everything designer. It’s about an hour outside of Milan and definitely a good shopping day if you’re in for it.

Snap Milano: such a fun vintage experience if you like to thrift - you never know what you are going to find.

Groupies: another vintage store, but more expensive them most. They have good Levi’s, clothes on trend, and everything you could think of. It is really small, so be prepared. I loved everything in this store though, and it was right next to Snap Milano.